Development / Investment

Chairmans, Executives, business leaders? You want to diversify your services, innovate, boost your business, optimize your industrial and logistics platforms, renovate your facilities, open new sales outlets or looking to export ?

International Development

You have decided to take your business to the next level and you are looking for international opportunities? Assistance to finance, implement and develop your subsidiary abroad.

We are at your side…

Analyze, diagnose, support your financing, search for buyers and partners, study a development strategy, provide operational monitoring and train you.

  • Analysis and diagnostics
  • Financing
  • Grant & subsidies
  • Fundraising
  • Acquiring buyers
  • Search for partners
  • Development strategy
  • International Development
  • Foreign markets
  • Operational monitoring
  • Dashboards
  • Training

Analysis & Diagnostic

Analysis and diagnostic of your financing capacity and your development potential

Development strategy

Definition of the objectives to be achieved and the means to be implemented. Definition of the objectives corresponding to your project. Definition of the strategy, the axes of development and the targets to reach these objectives.

Search for financing

To give yourself the financial means to concretize your development project and to reach your objectivesbjectifs

Public funding : grants and subsidies

Private financing:Fundraising, venture capital, crowdfunding, banks, private funds…

International Development

Successful implantation and expansion abroad, regardless of continent. Identify business opportunities Prospect, organize business meetings. Identify strategic partners around the world.